N00b Question on Connecting Client to Nameko server

I’m a complete n00b on using microservices and on my first intern project, I wanted to use a python based microservice. I’ve followed all the tutorials on how to connect a Nameko_Grpc server and client locally and that works fine. My trouble is that once I’ve put my server in a docker VM, I don’t know how to connect to it from my client code. Is there any code samples any of you can recommend for Python?

Can you post some code examples of what you have so far?

It sounds like you’re struggling with Docker, not Nameko, so perhaps this is not the best place to ask. Did you remember to expose a port on your docker container?

The only thing you really need is working connectivity to the RabbitMQ server used. This is enough for any worker trying to cooperate (it took me a while with Celery, where it is very similar, that there is only messaging broker as integration service, and there is no other central “coordinating broker” needed).

Of course, if your services are needing other backing services (like a database), then these will shall be accessible to your worker too (but only those, which are needed by particular worker).

As mattbennett mentioned, your issue seems to be related to networking with docker, not nameko one.

It was in fact a problem with Docker, not Nameko. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Is it possible to ask a question about Nameko-GRPC or is that still heavily in development?