Nameko-sentry: can't report to sentry


I tried to send reports to sentry from my nameko-app with nameko-sentry and It wasn’t succesful. I tried Python3.8.1 and Python3.6.9 with the same result. I generated DSN on my account and put it into config.yaml. After this I just copied official example code from nameko-sentry git repository and run it:

from nameko.web.handlers import http
from nameko_sentry import SentryReporter
class Service(object):
    name = "demo"

    sentry = SentryReporter()

    @http("GET", "/broken")
    def broken(self, request):
        raise SomeException("boom")

I can’t see any result in after raising SomeExcepton(‘boom’) or simple Exception(‘boom’).
But when I using sentry_sdk.capture_exception directly with the same DSN I can see new reports in What I’m doing wrong with nameko-sentry?

Is your config like this?

        DSN: eventlet+${SENTRY_DSN:https://user:pass@localhost/00000}