Nameko shell hangs on rpc call

Initially the nameko shell is able to communicate with the nameko service. The service is a simple hello world:

class GreetingService:
    name = 'greeting'
    def hello(self):
        return f"{}: hi"

Within the shell, I can call hello in a loop without problems. If I wait 5 minutes or more to call hello then the shell hangs indefinitely.

>>> helo()
'2022-10-03 12:40:12.628285: Hello, alarm device count=936'
>>> helo()
***hangs here***

The second helo will be stuck and impervious to keyboard interrupt. I have to kill the shell process.
Do you have any ideas why this is occurring?
Or do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting?

nameko - 2.14.1
Windows 10

My guess is that the MQ connection may have been broken