Potential concurrency issues with pyscopg2?


I found this interesting question regarding nameko, sqlalchemy and psycopg2, but unfortunately, is unanswered: python - Potential Nameko consurrency issues with pyscopg2 driver for Postgresql - Stack Overflow

A brief excerpt of the question:

We are building a Python microservices application with Posgresql as service datastore. At first glance Nameko seems a good starting point. However the Nameko documentation section on Concurrency includes this statement […]
Our architect is suggesting Nameko is therefore not going to fly - because although the pyscopg2 Postgresql driver is advertised as thread safe:
With a link clarifying:

Warning Psycopg connections are not green thread safe and can’t be used concurrently by different green threads.

Personally, I have used Nameko-SQLAlchemy with Psycopg2 without problems, but I’m by no means a threading expert to know it’s safe.

What do you guys think?