Sockets (not WebSockets)

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I asked anything here. My use-case is usually pretty straightforward.

However I have a requirement that has me scratching my head.

I have a collection of machines that send XML as plain text over raw TCP sockets (not Websockets or HTTP). There is a request-response interface for them, which is easy enough. But there is also an event listener mode where I can pass an IP and port number, and the machine makes a persistent callback to that IP and port. There is no security, no encryption, no complexity at all.

When an event fires, the server sends plain-text to the connected socket. I have a POC implementation in a standalone socketserver setup. The event listener requires a separate socket per machine so whatever I come up with, I’ll need to be able to add instances (24 at current count) that feed into the same nameko command(s)

What I am struggling with, is how to build a bridge to Nameko. Any advice?

I’ve found and will be using that for inspiration (I need the message payload in the called method).

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Socket programming is new to me and in my naiveté I thought I needed to spawn a new socket for every remote machine, and in my testing using NetCat that is indeed what I had to do.

I have since done the research and found that the SocketServer (or Eventlet) implementations will allow me to do what I need without having to manage a pool of dedicated sockets.

I think I’ll be able to implement what I need using the sample I posted previously, and a shared queue.

For completeness, what I ended up doing was modifying the sample posted previously to have the message payload back to the registered method. It was a rather elegant solution in the end, so many thanks to @mattbennett for posting that 4 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:

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