The standalone rpc service has memory leak

hello,following code has memory leak. i find it out for my program need to process lots of data, and the memory leak seriously. if i get rid of this code, the leak vanish. so pls. fix it or provide some method to solve it. thanks.

with ClusterRpcProxy(config) as cluster_rpc:

There isn’t enough information here to know what’s causing the leak or even do any investigation.

Please reply here to let us know:

  1. Is the target service running in a different process, or the same one?
  2. What is in data (if you can share it)
  3. What investigation you did to determine that this code is “leaking”?
  4. What the result of the pympler object summary is. See for more information.

Oh, I find the problem for some days. And I solve the memory leak now. The reason involves C++ thread、async function call and others. The nameko is OK. So thanks for this beautiful framework.