Can one event_handler handle multiple types of events?

I have a number of different services that each publish events, and then one service which subscribes to all of them and does the same/similar things with each.

I was wondering if instead of:

@event_handler("source1", "event_type1")
def do_something1(payload):
    #do thing

@event_handler("source1", "event_type2")
def do_something2(payload):
    #do thing
    #do another thing

@event_handler("source2", "event_type3")
def do_something3(payload):
   #do thing

I could instead do something like:

@event_handler(source, event_type)
def do_something(payload):
    #do a thing
    #if event_type == "eventy_type3":
        #do another thing

What if you use dictionary like this:

event = {'event_type': 'event1', 'data': data}