Nameko 2.13.0 and 3.0.0-rc9 released

These finally release work that has been merged to the master and v3-0.0-rc branches for some time, and fix a few dependency issues that have cropped up since the last stable releases.

Thanks and apologies to the contributors that have made these.

It is still recommended to use the RC Nameko 3.0.0 branch even though the published docs reflect v2.x. At this point the 3.0.0 RCs have been stable and in use for a long time.

The official release has been waiting for accompanying documentation, but at this point I’m wondering whether it would be better to release v3 even without updated docs and iterate from there. If anyone has an opinion on that I would welcome it.


Hi. I love nameko, thanks for all the hard work.
Im currently using Nameko v2.x in production at work and you recommend to use version v3, are there any breaking changes if I just bump up mu current version to v3?, Is it safe to just migrate.

Hi @mattbennett,

Thanks for the update. Personally I have been using 3.0.0rc8 for quite some time. All this time if something was not working as described on the docs, I have had a look at the code. Not the optimal especially when it comes to a library but honestly It wasn’t big deal, on the contrary it was a good opportunity to get more familiar with nameko’s codebase. In the end of the day I think it’s a matter on how you (and the rest of core contributors) prefer to release it depending on the next steps you have in mind.

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