Time to go 2 -> 3?


Still loving Nameko. I’ve put off the move from 2 to 3 until release - but like BOTW2, it’s in limbo.

I’m starting a full refactor of the services I run that use 2, so I figure now is the best time to try out 3.

Are there any major changes to keep an eye out for? Aside from RpcProxy now being named ServiceRpc?

Hope all is well. 2020-2021 were strange years.



Hey Geoff!

Always good to hear your feedback :smiley:

Yes, v3 is the way forwards. It is inching closer to being officially released, and certainly many users I know about now are using v3. There is now an upgrade guide too! You can read that on the draft version of the new docs https://agitated-hoover-1d4d78.netlify.app.



Awesome, thanks for confirming @mattbennett! I’ll build the new services on v3.

You don’t hear from me often, because I rarely have any issues - which is a testament to the software you’ve written. I’m so glad I found it all those years ago…!


Hey @geoffjukes,

Since I have already switched to v3 (rc10), there only few things to be careful about.

That’s all at least for my case. I haven’t found anything else required to change after switching to 3.0.0rc10.

Happy upgrading :slight_smile:


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